is now

The only daughter of Foster and Ziggy
it fell upon her to produce the next generation for Desiree Acres
 She more than fulfilled Foster's legacy by producing 10 beautiful babies ~
5 of whom became Champions. Because of this she has been awarded the title of 

Basset Hound of America REGISTER of MERIT
Zinger Proudly Presents

Click the links below for Past & Current Photos of Zinger's Pups

Zinger was an "only child", the single puppy from Foster and Ziggy --
How could she be anything but beautiful? 
Zinger as a baby -you can see her peeking out from behind Mamma Ziggy (below left)
and  snoozing with her "littermates". Even now she has a deep love for plush toys (especially
yellow ducks). We had been trying for 3 years to get this baby, can you tell we were smitten?

The photos above show her visiting with Auntie Scout (left) and her Daddy Foster. Her 2 week old photo was the inspiration for our oil painting by Beth Babos
Baby Zinger
could best be described as a Plush Little Doll with an
Excess of Personality. A true extrovert, she loves everyone and everything and is delighted to be a part of the world

Mamma Zinger
is pictured below as an adult with her pups~

Now retired to the Life of Royalty she so richly deserves, Zinger lives with her
charming son Hummer and their "human slaves" Marlene and Steve

We are Forever Grateful
that our beloved
Foster lives on
through his daughter

Desiree Acres Razberi
Zinger ROM
and her Beautiful Babies
 Foster's Legacy ~ Zinger's 10 Puppies at 8 Weeks . . . 

. . and as Adults          
To see additional Photos of 
Zinger & Hummer and all of Zinger's Beautiful Babies
Click on

 The Life& Times of Hummer & Mamma Zinger   
Show News  2008 Pups and 2010 Pups


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