My Grand Adventure started in October, when I officially reached my first birthday. I realized that I was no longer a kitten,
and even though I had a very full year of being a beautiful California Model, as well as a Champion Toy Chaser and Napper,
it was time I do something really monumentous with my life.
Thus begins My Grand Adventure.
My trip began in Southern California, at a beach near where I live,
doing something I always wanted to try: Hanging 8!
                                   From there
headed up north to commune with the Redwoods....
Had intended to stop in Portland OR. to visit my cousins,
but hit an updraft and did not land 'till I got to Alaska.
Caught 2 pidgins and an arctic tern during my flight.
                                Discovered that
north = cold!
This mode 
of transportation
almost froze the
tip of my 
beautiful striped tail! 
Also, took over an hour 
to get the dog hair
out of my luggage.
Am still heading north, but not sure exactly where I am, 
as I was forced to jettison the compass and maps to make room for my cat toys and day bed.
 The Adventure Continues......
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