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You all live on forever
 in our Hearts

     Cecilia  & Melody

Wizard  &   Benny 

     Dream  &   Bama


Newton  & Percy    

In1970 my family purchased our very first Basset Hound as a pet,
a 3 month old red & white female we called

Though it did not mean anything to us at the time, Cecilia (Ch. Gingerbread's Highland Fling)  was from Houndsville bloodlines -
a top winning kennel in the 60's and 70's

In 1971 we decided to breed a litter, so we went back
Houndsville and chose Ch. Major Who Dunnit as a sire. At this time
we were encouraged to show Cecilia - something entirely new to
us as we had never even been to a dog show
From this litter we kept a tri-colored female we called

This was the start of Desiree Acres

I Call this 1973 photo Mothers and Daughters~
My mom Kati  is handling "Cecilia", and I am handling  Cecilia's daughter, "Melody"

I was in Junior High when Basset Hounds
became part of our family -- little did I know
that these dogs were to  become the
Direction, Focus
and Passion
in my life

Ch. Gingerbread's Highland Fling (Cecilia)             1970
  Wh. March 23, 1970     Ch. Houndsville Gingerbread Boy X Pollyanna Chloe

Little did we know that our "family pet"
was not only  destined to become a Champion
but the foundation of Desiree Acres

Cecilia was a beautifully sound girl with correct shoulders and forechest, as well as lovely feet, ribs and topline -- combined with an absolutely unflappable temperament
Throughout the 70's I spent Tuesday nights in
West Covina at Barbara Dunning's handling class.
Barbara was something of a legend in So. California,
having taught basset handlers for over 4 decades

    Cecilia was a particular favorite of Barbara's and she handled her to most of her championship points

1972 ~ Cecilia is being handled by my mother, Kati

        Barbara Dunning is pictured winning our very first major           That's me on the right handling Cecilia to a Specialty reserve
Ch. Houndsville Melody in D Major (Melody)          1971
Wh. December 2, 1971    Ch. Houndsville Major Who Dunnit
X Ch. Gingerbread's Highland Fling

Melody was my pick from our very first litter. She and I grew up together, and together we became champions
I was 16 years old when I finished Melody with 3 majors (including a 5 point Specialty win) -- completely Breeder Owner Handled.  I missed my High School Graduation Party to help deliver her first litter (which produced our foundations studs, Wizard and Benny).

Melody was a stylish and typey girl with beautiful lip and LONG ears (which was still rare for a bitch in the 1970's) She was one of the most intelligent dogs I have owned -- absolutely packed with personality

Pictured  winning her 2nd Major at the 1974 Santa Ana KC show under breeder judge Hub Robinson.

The photo above pictures me at the age of 14 winning our very first match trophy           Melody at 4 months ~~~~  and  11 years
Ch. Desiree Acres Pinball Wizard (Wizard)              1975
Wh. June 6, 1975    Ch. Oranpark Grover  X Ch. Houndsville Melody In D Major
For Melody's mate we chose to breed to
Ch. Oranpark Grover

A Best in Show winner, Grover was line bred on the legendary
Santana Mandeville bloodlines

We kept two males from this litter,
Wizard and Benny
I finished Wizard with 4 majors, entirely from the
Bred by Class. During this stage in my life I was also attending school to become a
Registered Veterinary Technician, a profession
in which I have been employed for over 30 years

Wizard had beautifully classic head type --
 reminiscent of his famous grandsire
(Ch. Santana Mandeville Ichabod)
 with lovely lip, ears, bone, and substance,
all packaged in a deep mahogany color.
A truly glamorous dog, Wizard went on to stamp his
type and temperament onto generations to come

    Litter mates Wizard and Benny are shown together at 3 months  ~~~ and at 2 years
Ch. Desiree Acres Ragtime (Benny)                        1975
  Wh. June 6, 1975     Ch. Oranpark Grover  X Ch. Houndsville Melody in D Major

is the only dog I have owned (or have ever heard of) who finished with Five Majors, all Breeder Owner Handled.  (His show record -- one 5-point major and four 3-point majors)
Benny was my Mom (Kati's) favorite from this litter  and Wizard was my favorite. This was to become a pattern with each breeding -- we usually kept two littermates, one that I liked and one that Kati fancied

Though not as glamorous as his littermate, Benny was a rock-solid hound with beautiful head type, feet and chest.

This 1977 photo shows Benny with breeder judge Paul Moore, winning one of his 5 majors

B B B Benny and his get (sorry, I couldn't resist!)                                 pictured at 6 years ~~and at 6 months (with me and my mom Kati)
Ch. Desiree Acres Day Dreamer (Dream)                 1977
Wh.  March 17, 1977     Ch. Desiree Acres Pinball Wizard  X Ch. Gingerbread's Highland Fling

The product of one of our closest line breedings (Grandmother Cecilia X Grandson Wizard) I always felt Dream was one of the finest dogs I have bred

A perfectly sound girl, she combined the correct front, ribs, topline and rear, with beautiful type (even surpassing her half sister Melody's deep lip and exceptionally long ears!)
Dream was also a BIG girl -- 73 pounds -
but this girl could MOVE

She was as sweet as she was stylish, and I am tremendously proud to have bred her. In 1985 she (and Ron's dog Goofy) accompanied us on our honeymoon, then came to live with us at "Desiree Acres North"

Her soundness held her in good stead -- she took Best of Opposite Sex at the BHCSC and NCBHC Specialty shows, both from the Veterans Class

Dream is shown finishing her championship under
 breeder judge Wilton Myer at the 1980 Conejo KC show

Dream in all her glory. I only regret that I did not produce about 12 more just like her
Ch. Desiree Acres Alabama Girl (Bama)                  1979
  Wh. October 23, 1979     Ch. Desiree Acres Ragtime  X Desiree Acres Sunshine

Bred and owned by Barbara Humphrey of Sunshine Bassets,  Bama's mother, Desiree Acres Sunshine, was
a littermate to Dream

Bama is the product of an uncle/niece breeding (a Wizard daughter bred to her full uncle Benny) this is the way we doubled up on the Santana Mandeville blood and stamped in our type
Another stylish girl with a beautiful front and lovely type, bone and temperament -- she was simply the apple of her mother's eye. Bama was a Specialty winner with multiple Best of Breed wins. She also produced several champions

This 1984 photo shows Bama with breeder/owner Barbara Humphrey

Bama on Ventura Beach with littermate Georgia Peach & breeder Barbara Humphrey  ~~   Mary winning points from the puppy class
Ch. Fig Newton by Nibasco                                      1981
Wh. March 19, 1980 by  Desiree Acres Mr. Goodbar  X  Bar B Nabisco Wafer
A Wizard Grandson, Newton was bred
and co-owned by Betsy Wafer

We had seen him as a baby and thought he showed promise but we did not see him
again until the age of 6 months when he
came to a Basset Club Match
We were instantly impressed -
we told Betsy she had herself a show dog!

Newton won Best Puppy in Match that day and BOW for a 5 point Specialty win 4 weeks later
finished his championship in 6 months
and went on to sire several champions out of
Ch. Desiree Acres Alabama Girl

Newton remained a lifetime companion to his mother Nabisco -they will be forever loved and missed by Betsy Wafer and her family

Newton is pictured winning Best of Breed from the classes
(over specials)
at the age of 18 months

Ch. Desiree Acres Praline N Cream                         1982
  Wh. November 19, 1982    Ch. Rebleglens Frosty Too CD  X Desiree Acres Jelly Bean
We took an different path to double up on the Santana Mandeville blood when we bred the Wizard daughter, Desiree Acres Jelly Bean
This time we used Jo NewMeyer's
Ch. Rebleglen's Frosty Too
. Frosty was sired by
Ch. Oranpark Grover, making him
a half brother
 to Wizard and Benny

Praline was the first born of 7 puppies and we were very surprised that she had a pure white ear. It quickly developed a speckled pattern
which led to her name

Her distinctive coloring was matched only by her beauty, style and personality. Praline was my full time lap dog and completely stole my heart

Praline is pictured taking Best Of Breed in 1986 at the age of 3 years

Judges always commented on Praline's speckled ears. She had no problem with that, she KNEW she was special
Desiree Acres English Toffee CD                               1982
  Wh. November 19, 1982     Ch. Rebleglens Frosty Too CD  X Desiree Acres Jelly Bean

A Littermate to Praline, Toffee was destined to shine in the Obedience Ring. Ron was training his basset Goofy for her CD Title when we met and he trained most of our dogs in basic obedience

Toffee also came to live with us at "Desiree Acres North" and was our beloved traveling companion

Toffee and Ron are pictured winning High in Trial at the 1988 BHCSC Specialty with a score of 180.
Desiree Acres Percival CD                                       1984
  Wh. October 5, 1984   Desiree Acres English Toffee CD  X Desiree Acres True Delight
A "chip off the old block", Percy
followed his sire Toffee and
Grandsire Frosty in the Obedience Ring.
He looked so much like his sire that we were tempted to show them in brace
but never got up enough courage to try

Goofy, Dream, Praline, Toffee and Percy all moved to Whittier with us when we
bought our first house in 1987

At that time we owned a VW

Camper Van which was GREAT for  the shows --
 or sometimes the whole pack would pile in for a cookout at the beach, camping in Yosemite or just to get some Randy's Donuts for breakfast

Ron and Percy are shown going High In Trial
and Best Adult in Match at the BHCSC Match 

You each brought us the joy in knowing you,
the fun of winning 
with you
and the ultimate achievement in knowing we had produced
such b
eauty and devotion. 
A little bit of each of you live on in our hearts, our memories,
and in the dogs we know and love today.

I miss you all and look to the day I will see you again at the
Rainbow Bridge

 Desiree Acres Bassets                 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~        Mary Netzley Lukins, Ron Lukins and Kati Netzley

Desiree Acres Bassets Breeder Owner Handled . . . . . . . . . . . . Always

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