April 21, 2001
August 20, 2011


         In a Lifetime with Bassets, you were
     the Basset of a Lifetime
An extraordinary hound from an extraordinary litter, we recognized  you were
 special at one week of age -  you were simply everything
we could have asked
 for in a basset.
You have been described as a "Rock Star" in the basset world,
it certainly did fit 
Words cannot express how much you were loved
and how much you are missed -- here at Desiree Acres and around the world
You will live on in your beautiful daughter, your grand puppies and in the hearts of everyone who loved you
Sleep well my handsome, handsome boy, and give our love to the
Desiree Acres Pack at Rainbow Bridge~

An Extraordinary Litter . . . .
It had been 15 years since
Ron and I had bred a litter
 and our hopes
and expectations were high

We were confident we would
produce some pretty puppies
--  little did we know that
these pups would change our lives

This litter produced:
Ch. Desiree Acres Foster
Ch. Desiree Acres Scout  

Ch. Desiree Acres Sunbeamer
Ch. Desiree Acres Minnie Me
Desiree Acres Dashel Dawson
Desiree Acres Madison (ptd)

Born on April 21, 2001
 Ch. Helix Beamer of Rebelglen ROM
 Ch. Symphonies All That Jazz

. . . Became Extraordinary Dogs

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Foster & his Littermates

In The Show Ring

Known to his family as "Mr. Marshmallow"
Foster  was nonetheless  a force to be
reckoned with  in the Show Ring, even
surpassing his Grandsire, Saint Cecil
Foster finished his Championship at 10 months of age and competed,
almost non-stop,
all the way into the Veterans Classes
 Even at the age of 9 he simply LOVED "strutting his
stuff" in the Show Ring          

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to see LOTS of photos of Foster's accomplishments
 in the show ring
and NEW photos of Sunny, Scout and Minnie!

"The Rock Star" of the Basset World

Almost as much as his show career,
received worldwide attention
 just for being Foster

Foster does live on, through his only daughter
Desiree Acres Razberi
Zinger ROM 
Though he was more than willing, about the only thing Foster fell short in was producing puppies.
 I had to tell  dozens of people the same thing --
 "take a number and wait in line,
 it starts right behind me"!
Repeated attempts only produced one puppy
a beautiful girl called Zinger

Though not destined for the show ring
Zinger gave me exactly what I wanted
(and needed!) in the whelping box
 -- a total of 10 beautiful babies
The Sweetness & Light 
The Tonka Toy Boys
5 of these babies became Champions~


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 photos of
Zinger ROM and her Beautiful Babies
oster and the Grand Puppies

This is one of the
last photos taken of


pictured with his

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Foster's Legacy

 We will never forget our Glorious Boy

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