"Tonka Toy Boys"


4 males
Born 9-30-2010

Diesel, Dexter Dozer & Dazzler

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Dozer  Diesel

Dexter Dazzler


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Their Mother

 is now a
Register of Merit

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5 Champions

Tonka Toy Boys are Champions!

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Desiree Acres 2011 Basset Birthday Bash
 Mamma Zinger and her pups
celebrate  the
Tonka's 1st Birthday
& the Sweetness & Light's 3rd Birthday

We can never repay you for giving us these beautiful babies!!
Our beloved Foster lives on through his only daughter Zinger
and his 10 Grand Puppies
The Pedigree  Born 9/30/2010  (click here to see written 3 generation pedigree) 
Mother: Desiree Acres Razberi Zinger ROM
Father: GCh. Diplomat Van Hollandheim (Zeke)


Ch English Rose V.Hollandheim
Grand Sire
Ch. Desiree Acres Foster

Common Sense V. Hollandheim
Grand Sire
Ch. Ion Ion De Ianca

The Pups ~

GRAND CHAMPION Desiree Acres Dozer
Dozer at 5 years

This dynamic young hound was rated
in the
Top 10
Winning Bassets in America

at 8 weeks

and outgoing
he is  co-owned by
Judy Mack
Jeffie Casey
(owner of his sire Zeke)

at 6 weeks

A very solid, confident boy,
he always has his
act together
at 4 weeks

"The Cheerful One"
Always ready for fun, Dozer is the one who reminds us the most of his Mamma Zinger

BRONZE GRAND CHAMPION Desiree Acres Ichabod 
"Diesel" at
4 years

Every bit the "Grand Champion" Diesel isl a force to be reckoned with ~
he has already been rated in the Top 10 Winning Bassets in America
in 2013 AND 2015

Diesel at 1 year
Finished his championship with
4 majors
 -- he has also started hunting for bunnies  at Field Trials~


Breeder-owner-handled by Ron and Mary

at 4 months

Lives with us here at Desiree Acres

STILL looks just like his Daddy Diplomat ~ we knew we had something special in this boy!

at 8 weeks

Outgoing and Adventurous
he completely captured Ron's heart

at 4 weeks

Diesel was the first to walk, growl, play and escape from the
puppy room

CHAMPION Desiree Acres Dexter
Dexter at 4 years
he finished with a
Best of Breed
from the classes &
a Specialty
and other
Best of Breed wins

(in addition to playing with one of
 his favorite toys)

Dexter at 1 year

"A basset that
like a basset"

Dexter combines size, type, structure & movement -
 Need we say more??

Breeder-owner-handled by Ron and Mary

at 4 months

Lives with us here at Desiree Acres
he reminds us of his Grandpa Foster - we think Dex is going to be able to follow in grandpa's paw prints

at 8 weeks

The Foster
 "Minnie Me",
Dexter was mine
from the start

at 4 weeks

A true
"Heavy Hauler", Dexter is Big, Bold
and Beautiful

Desiree Acres Dazzler
Dazzler at 1 year

Charming, smart and calm, Dazzler lives the sweet life in
Southern California

at 8 weeks

"The Face"
His personality is as sweet as his face

at 4 weeks

He also has the longest ears I have ever seen on a puppy

2010 litter -- Pedigree of Mother:                                                 Pedigree of Sire:



Ch. Butterfly's Showbiz of Sohigh


Ch. Rebelglen’s Beamer ROM



Ch. Rebelglen’s Mercedes

     Ch. Desiree Acres Foster


Ch. Arrowhead’s St. Cecil


Ch. Symphony’s All That Jazz



Ch. Symphony’s Ovation

Desiree Acres Razberi Zinger



Ch. Sonny Olde Fashion Spumoni


Ch. Norris v Hollandheim



Ch. Deborah V Hollandheim

     Ch. English Rose v Hollandheim



Switherland Design


Ch. Karipat Zigity Zig



Karipat Mary Poppins



Ebony Dominik


Ch. Morgan Dominik



Basic Instinct V Hollandheim

      Ch. Ion Ion De Ianca



Ch. Norris V Hollandheim


Unica V. Hollandheim



Karipat Ziggy-Zig

Ch. Diplomat Van Hollandheim



Ch Sonny Olde Fashion Spumoni


Ch. Norris V. Hollandheim



Ch. Deborah V Hollandheim

      Common Sense V. Hollandheim



Ch. Forrester V Hollandheim


Ch. Vogue V. Hollandheim



Ch. Haya V Hollandheim

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