The Sweetness
& Light Pack 

Born 10-22-
5 females & 1 male

~Skarlett~  ~Snickers~   ~Hummer~     ~Marley~     ~Phoebe~    ~Keebler~
A Puppy Family Reunion ~ Age 4 Months
2 Pups from this litter are now CHAMPIONS, which helped make Mamma Zinger a BHCA
 Register Of Merit

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Foster's love shines

through all of 10 of his Grand Puppies --
The Sweetness and Light Pack
and the
Tonka Toy Boys

The Pedigree~ (click here to see written 3 generation pedigree)
Mother: Desiree Acres Razberi Zinger ROM

Father: Ch. Helix Lincoln of Rebelglen

Ch English Rose V.Hollandheim
Grand sire
Ch. Desiree Acres Foster

Helix Chloe
Grand sire
Ch. Rebelglen's Beamer ROM

The Pups~
The Girls~
GRAND CHAMPION Desiree Acres Snickers
at 3 years

Snickers became
Desiree Acres
It could not have happened to a Sweeter Girl!

at 4 months

Even as a young puppy
 she had the
temperament & Intelligence
of an adult dog

Snickers at
 8 weeks
Snickers doing
"Snicky Face"
The look says it all

Snickers at
 4 weeks

"The Face"

I bred this litter hoping
for a pretty tricolor female
--It was love at first sight!

was such
a well behaved puppy that
at 3 months was made
a full time house dog
and became
Grandpa Foster's
 constant companion

They went everywhere together including
dog shows -- when she was
in Puppy Sweepstakes Foster
was competing in Veterans

As Foster's eyesight dimmed she became his
personal Guide Dog
-- in the last years of his life
she never left his side

CHAMPION Desiree Acres Saint Cecilia (Phoebe)

at 2 Years

The first one of her litter to become a Champion
she finished at less then
2 years of age with 3 majors

at 4 months

Don't let the sweet face fool you - this little girl has owners Linda & Clark
wrapped around her
wrinkled paw
 -- and they are OK with that!

at 8 Weeks

About the only time she was not stirring up trouble was
 when she was asleep

at 4 Weeks

Fire Cracker"
We got her to hold still
for her photo - but just barely

"LIKES" include:

 Tormenting Uncle Cooper

Snuggling & Snoozing

 Walking on the Beach
in Carmel

Shopping & gossiping with sister Snickers

Winning at Dog Shows

Running with Buckets

Desiree Acres Keebler (Maggie)
at 1 Year

Her lifetime goal
is to add interest
(and extra clean up)
to Joe and Sherry's life
at 4 months

She helped make
 life much more fun
(or at least more exciting!)
for Great Aunt Minnie
(Ch. Desiree Acres
Minnie Me)

at 8 Weeks

Can you tell by the look on her face that she is thinking of some mischief to get into?

at 4 Weeks
Another "Live Wire"
She was the first one to decide that Hummer
was her personal "Boy Toy"

Keebler's "LIKES" include:

Answering the front door

Singing & Snuggling
(sometimes both at the
same time)

Showing the boys who's boss

begging for treats
 (but not really eating them)

Making sure that
Sherry, Joe  and Aunt Minnie
do not get bored

Desiree Acres Skarlett
at 3 Years
A true "over achiever"
we are begining to think
there is nothing
this girl cannot do!

at 4 Months

Adventurous but always the perfect lady, Julie and Mark were just beginning to
see the potential behind
that sweet face

at 8 Weeks

Intelligent & independent
she was the first to explore outside of the whelping box

at 4 Weeks

"The Mastermind"
from Day 1 she was the
 Leader of the Pack

 Skarlett is also our
  " Most Educated and
 Most Acomplished"
excelling in a wide variaty
of diciplines
, including:

Pasanita Puppy Class
AKC Star Puppy Award

Scott-Fox Obedience Training
Beginners & Advanced

Canine Good Citizen
Therapy dog Training
Etiquette Training

Registered Therapy Dog with TDI (Therapy Dog International)

            Monthly Nursing home visits
      Weekly Tail Wagging Tutors
(children's reading program) 

Scott-Fox Fun Nosework  Beginners & Advanced Training

National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) K9 member

NACSW Nosework Competition Trials

NACSW NW1 Title (currently working towards NW2 title)

Canine Scent Work demonstrations

Scott-Fox Training --
Tricks Classes

Dog Club K9 member

Aqua Therapy/Swimming Sessions

Who says Bassets are Lazy???

Desiree Acres Marley
at 2 years

This sweet girl truly enjoys
the good life in
Southern California

at 4 Months

Sweet and
laid back, you would never guess
she could hold her own
 with a Mastiff
for a playmate

at 8 Weeks

She was much less likely
  to spend her time tormenting Brother Hummer

at 4 Weeks
"The Little Lady"
she was more than happy to let Skarlett and Phoebe
 rule the whelping box

Marley's LIKES include:

Birthday Parties
& Dress Up Galas

A really nice hat

Snoozing the day away

Friends, Family and Fun

Bragging to her sisters about her new, slim figure

Running (and resting)
with Mastiffs

The Boy~
Desiree Acres Mr. H. D. Hummer
at 1 Year

"The Manly Man" indeed!
  He could also be called
"Mr. Photogenic"

 at 4 Months

His sisters trained him well~
he is now a full time
 "Mamma's Boy"

at 8 Weeks

Never one to be ignored
he has never lost his
distinctive (squeeky) bark

at 4 Weeks

"The Manly Man"
what else could he be when he was raised with 5 sisters?

The only male in a litter of 6, Hummer believes he was
supposed to have
 been born in the
 "Tonka Toy Boy" litter ~
He loves his Mamma Zinger but life REALLY gets
when Dexter and Diesel
come over to play!

Hummer is also
quite savvy with the
 Social Media--
along with their own website he and
Mamma Zinger
have hundreds of

Facebook Fans
from around the globe

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